Try new designs of salwar suits for an exclusive look every time

Salwar suit designs are a fascinating subject of study. Salwar kameez is an exceptionally versatile dress. Though the basic pattern may be similar, there are various styles of salwar kameezes and each is starkly different from the other. Among each style again there can be a plethora of designs. For instance the normal salwar suit can have a knee length kameez or a long, straight kameez, anarkali suits may include a normal calf length anarkali or it may even go and kiss your feet. So you see how there are innumerable designs listed under the head called salwar kameez.

Be a lively Punjabi girl

Punjab is the land of salwar kameez. The salwar suit was the staple dress of the women of this state before it spread to the whole of the country. Buy salwar suits in the Punjabi style. The typical Patiala style suits are wide, voluminous and pleated ones. They are worn with a relatively short kameez, one that stays above the knees or just touches the knees. They give you a lively and exuberant appearance.

Style match: Remember Kareena Kapoor and her gorgeous and comfortable Patiala style suits in “Jab We Met”. You surely wanted to have one after seeing them on screen.

Emulate the classy Pakistani heroines

Our neighboring country too is a storehouse of wonderful designs of salwar suits and Pakistani suits are soon making their mark in India. Pakistani suits have a special characteristic. They are long, full sleeved and usually have loose and very wide bottomed pants. The intricate embroidery they are adorned with is both classy and endearing.

Style match: You must be hooked to the array of Pakistani television serials that are recently being telecast in India. Just take a look at the heroines and decide for yourself.

Here are some of the best salwar suit designs that you must check out when you buy salwar suits for women.

This pink georgette Pakistani style suit is a great choice for something as grand as weddings. The boat neck, the well adorned sleeves and shoulders in delicate thread work embroidery, and the beautiful border work at the hemline is too gorgeous to leave out. Do not miss out the Pakistani wide bottomed salwar that is worn with the kameez. Decked up in similar embroidery, it is quite an attention grabber.

Words fall short describing the beauty of this grey and pink Pakistani suit. It has everything to make you look classy, elegant, smart and oh-so-gorgeous. Crafted in a beautiful and unthinkable way, it has two layers stitched together. The base fabric is grey in colour with a high neck embellished with zari work in a necklace style pattern. Similar zari embroidery forms a wide, rounded border and thin strands on the sleeves. What steals the attention of any onlooker is another layer of heavily embroidered pink cloth that is attached over the kameez with a special cut. The bosom section of this second layer is left out to reveal the neck design, and it again divides as it extends to the knees to make space for a stylish latkan in the middle. This one is worthy enough of the price you pay for it.

Here is the bubbling essence of Patiala style salwar kameeze woven into this black and pink suit. Patch work and border work in gorgeous pink spice up the black kameez and the pink, polka dotted Patiala pants add to the overall exuberance. This is not only stylish but extremely comfortable too.

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